Soap Opera Star Sues Mental Health Center For Wrongful Death Of Son

Can an estate administer posthumous damages?

Kristoff St. John, star of The Young and The Restless, and his former wife, Mia Rosales St. John, a professional boxer, filed a lawsuit against La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center for the wrongful death of their son. The suit alleges negligence and wrongful death against the Long Beach facility’s owner, Telecare Corp.
Their son, Julian, was in the facility on suicide watch. He had attempted suicide multiple times in the previous weeks including trying to walk into oncoming traffic and suffocation. Julian was under one-on-one observation, but a short time after that ended, staff members found him dead in a bathroom with a bag over his head. He was 24 years old.
The suit alleges negligence of the nurses and staff members for failing to keep harmful objects, such as bags, away from their son. The nurses and staff also allegedly did not perform all mandatory checks and falsified documents to cover up their neglect in caring for Julian.
The rehabilitation center recently issued a statement about the lawsuit through its public relations firm. The facility said in the statement the California Department of Health Care Services had recently reviewed the case and found the facility was compliant with all licensing laws and regulations. The facility also noted the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health reviewed the case and concluded the patient’s treatment was reasonable and followed clinical procedures.
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