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Estate planning often gets pushed away as something to handle at a later date. The problem is, all too often that later date never rolls around. When you delay putting your estate plans into effect, you put your family’s financial security at risk. 

At OC Wills and Trust Attorneys, we streamline the estate planning process. Our firm of dedicated Orange County estate planning lawyers works as a team, ensuring that every aspect of your estate is protected — with minimal disruption to your busy schedule. 

Learn more today about making OC Wills and Trust Attorneys your trusted partner for life. Contact our Orange County estate planning firm today to schedule a meeting with an experienced estate planning lawyer. 

Steps in Our Estate Planning Process

At OC Wills and Trust Attorneys, we know that dealing with legal affairs can seem tedious and time-consuming. Our firm works to change that perception — and our clients know that allowing us to take charge of their estate plans is a simple process that brings lasting financial security. 

When new clients come to our firm, their first questions are naturally concerned with what to expect from our estate planning process. We offer convenient estate planning in three easy steps. Once the process is complete and your plans are set, our team remains at your disposal. 

Our firm stays in contact, keeping you updated with follow-ups. We’re here if you need to update your estate plans to reflect changes to your assets, relationships, or financial wishes.  

Estate Planning Education Workshop

The first step in the OC Wills and Trust Attorneys estate planning process is an education workshop for new clients. Our workshops are designed to be viewed from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll receive an overview of estate planning that touches on topics like why you need an estate plan and how to protect your loved ones from the probate process and other financial risks. 

Our workshop walks you through how to fill out the necessary documentation on your own schedule. That way, you can attend your first meeting armed with the information we will need in order to give you advice that is customized to your estate and long-term wishes. 

Complimentary Initial Meeting

Your initial meeting is a time to meet your OC Wills and Trust Attorneys team and discuss your goals for your estate. We’ll introduce our team, get to know you, and discuss the services you can expect from our estate planning lawyers. 

You’ll attend your initial meeting with the completed documentation packet, which you’ll have filled out during the educational workshop. 

Based on the documentation you’ve prepared, our team will advise you on the specific types of trusts and arrangements that can offer protection for your estate and help you meet your long-term planning goals. 

At this time, we’ll also discuss the range of fees we offer on trust packages. Our goal is to make the estate planning process transparent and easy for you, and we work to ensure you never find yourself surprised by unexpected fees. 

Second Finalization Meeting

Once we’ve got a clear understanding of your estate planning needs and you’ve decided to move forward with OC Wills and Trust Attorneys as your trusted estate planning partner, we’ll begin putting your estate plans into effect. 

Your second meeting with our team typically lasts about an hour and a half. We’ll draw up the necessary estate planning documents and thoroughly review the details of your plan, ensuring that you’re fully informed about all aspects of the estate plan going into effect.

We’ll take you through the process of funding your trusts, and your estate planning documents will be signed and notarized. 

Choosing OC Wills and Trust Attorneys as Your Estate Planning Firm

At OC Wills and Trust Attorneys, we view the estate planning process as a lifelong partnership. The estate planning law firm you choose to handle your financial affairs is an investment — and we believe our investors deserve the highest level of dedication and care. 

Clients who choose our firm know they choose a trusted partner for life — and they know that their finances are well-protected from future uncertainties. 

We are exclusively an estate planning law firm. This means we know estate planning law inside and out. Our firm’s concentrated focus allows us to provide highly effective estate planning — and an estate plan can only be effective when it has the skill, resources, and manpower of an experienced legal team behind it. 

OC Wills and Trust Attorneys boasts an entire team of estate planning attorneys who all work together to ensure that no element of your estate planning needs goes unmet. 

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Too many people make the mistake of pushing off estate planning to another day. All too often, that day never comes and their loved ones are left without the financial protection an effective estate plan affords. 

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