Why choose OC Wills and Trusts?

Video Transcript

Our goal at OC Wills and Trust Attorney is not only to make sure that our clients have an estate plan, but they have an effective estate plan. A big part of having an effective estate plan is not only having a series of documents that make sure somebody's always in charge, but is making sure you have a plan that does what you want it to do.

Over the course of time, things will change, and people who set up their plans may no longer have an effective plan. That's where who you choose to work with as an estate planning firm is so important because our ongoing support for our clients is critical.

As an example, we don't charge for questions, and so it's really important that we want to make sure our clients, if they ever have questions or have needs, that we're able to get back to them promptly, and they're not afraid that we're going to charge them for answering questions.

A big part of our ability to support our clients is because we have staff. We have a staff whose job, as an example, is to pick up the phone and when somebody calls, either A) answer their questions, B) get answers to their questions, or C) set up an appointment with someone who can get the answers to them. That's really important because we see a lot of law firms, they don't have enough staff or systems to be able to answer the phone and get those done in an efficient manner.

Also, we have systems in place so that we can remind our clients of what needs to be done after your estate plan is set up, and we do periodic reminders, both electronically and with phone calls, so that our clients' estate plan is not out of sight, out of mind, because that's where we see a lot of people's estate plans are no longer as effective because the clients and/or the firm is not looking after them.