Medicaid/Medi-Cal Eligibility and Asset Protection

Can an Estate Planning Attorney Help You Protect Your Family’s Assets via Medi-Cal planning?

The federal Medicaid program, along with several California state programs, comprise Medi-Cal, which provides funds for medical and nursing home care for almost one-third of Californians annually. Just several years ago, Medi-Cal served over 9 million state residents. Now, following the state’s adoption of the federal healthcare overhaul, Medi-Cal covers 12 million Californians and costs approximately $95 billion annually.
To control costs, Medi-Cal pays less for provided medical and nursing home services than providers would like to receive, and less than most insurance plans. Medi-Cal also saves money or has plans to save money by limiting enrollment to just several times a year and increasing eligibility requirements.
Because Medi-Cal officials are so focused on controlling costs, and because Medi-Cal eligibility requirements have become more complex and restrictive, many individuals and families who face serious medical problems do not sign up for Medi-Cal benefits or do so incorrectly and are improperly denied coverage.
Potential complications include:
• Providing required financial information;
• Assessing your income as it relates to income caps;
• Assisting with look-back periods;
• Working to minimize transfer penalties and waiting periods; and
• Completing your application.
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