Cloud-Based Estate Planning

How can cloud-based technology assist in your estate planning?

Technology never ceases to amaze.  New cloud technology can even aid in your estate planning needs.
Products are now available that allow you to upload final messages to be read after your death. In these final messages you can reveal your feelings, secrets, last wishes or any other instructions or information you wish to pass on to your friends and family. It is also possible to set the terms of the encrypted data so that it is automatically emailed to the designated recipients upon your death or after a specified time period.
In addition to leaving a final message that might comfort or soothe your loved ones upon your passing, or help them carry out your last wishes, digital cloud storage is also a great way to store documents for your trustees or beneficiaries. A digital locker can safeguard your private financial information such as account numbers, keys, overseas account pin numbers and other essential login information so that your heirs and trustees can access them upon your death. You can also include any social media account information, business website passcodes and digital media, including property rights that you have to published e-books, recordings, photographs and other valuable intellectual property, in this digital locker.  In addition, you can use this tool to pass on sentimental archives, videos or photographs that you may not want to distribute until death, while keeping them from trustees who may not have a need for that particular data.
Cloud-based estate planning tools can also be used to provide confidential health care information. They can be utilized to pass along needed documents including health care proxies, living wills, and other papers that your agents will need. You can also keep your own health care information and documents secure and only allow it to be released by someone with an encryption key or upon the happening of a certain event, such as your disability.
The lawyers at OC Wills & Trust attorneys are always looking beyond the traditional estate planning methods to uncover different ways to provide you with services that take advantage of new technology as it develops. We believe that, in certain cases, cloud-based technology might be an appropriate tool. Contact our Orange County estate planning attorneys today at (949)347-5256.

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