What is the timeline of an estate plan?

Video Transcript

At OC Wills and Trust Attorneys, our process is pretty straightforward. On average, once clients make certain decisions to move forward, our timeline is usually one to two weeks. The process usually starts with a consultation with our attorneys. At that consultation, our attorneys will try to understand what our clients' goals are and what their concerns are with their estate plan, and suggest ways how we can achieve those goals or address those concerns.

Once we settle on that, we'll have the client come back in one or two weeks. At that second appointment, we will review the documents with our clients. We'll go over them, make sure this is how it works, make sure all documents work as they wish, make sure names are spelled correctly, everything looks good. We'll print out the documents, have our clients sign them, we'll notarize their signatures, organize all originals into a binder that we give them, and we'll scan everything into digital copies which then we can email to the clients so that they can easily transfer those documents to their respective agents.

Once that's done, we go over what our clients' next steps are as far as what we call funding the trust, and at that point, that'll also be the start of our support for our clients, our ongoing support in terms of answering questions for them and checking in with them to see how things are going, and doing the best we can to make sure they've done what we asked.