How do I know if I need an estate plan?

Video Transcript

Well, everyone needs an estate plan. An estate plan is basically a set of documents that says, "If I can't make decisions for myself, who can?" For anyone as an adult, you might need somebody to make medical decisions for you if you couldn't, or you might need someone to be able to pay bills for you if you couldn't.

Now, for most people who come to us that need an estate plan, it's usually because A) they own a home, or B) they have children, and they want to make sure that those assets and decisions regarding their children don't have to go through a court procedure.

That procedure is called probate, which is very expensive and time-consuming. That's why people come to us to create an estate plan that avoids the probate process and make sure the right people are in charge of their assets, of themselves, and of their children.